Hypocritical Democrat! (NO surprise!)

Here in Maine we have 5 candidates running for governor, 1 republican – Paul LePage, 3 Independents and 1 democrat – Libby Mitchell. At a political debate Monday, Paul LePage responded to a comment Libby Mitchell brought up in which she admonished Paul LePage for not respecting the president with his comment made awhile ago where he stated that if the president visited Maine he’d tell him to “go to hell”. In LePage’s response he called Mitchell a hypocrite as she didn’t respect George Bush while he was president. While campaigning she had a picture taken of her holding a framed proclamation of Bush’s with a photo of him attached which was titled “International Terrorist” and she was laughing.

Mitchell said she’d like to respond but had no idea (BULLSHIT!) of what LePage was talking about, so LePage offered to send her the picture. When she received it along with several news media sources, she THEN remembered and publicly apologized, somewhat! What was she sorry for? That she had the picture taken while holding the framed pic of the president!! She says she doesn’t remember having it taken and it certainly wasn’t disrespecting the president. Well, IMHO, by the great big LAUGH she had on her face I’d bet the farm on the fact that she definitely WAS having a good laugh at the disrespectful addition of “International Terrorist” slogan to the president’s picture!

Libby Mitchell

Photo courtesy of Maine Republican Party

So, her apology was that she got caught …. not for being disrespectful as she charges Paul LePage! WHAT A HYPROCRITE! And it doesn’t surprise me one bit, as democrats are really good at throwing mud even when they themselves are covered with it!

Now some are saying, this doesn’t matter and we should concentrate on the ISSUES. Well, I agree we should talk about the issues, but YES… IT DOES MATTER! Because character is important. Do you really want more of the SOS? We’re in this bad situation of rotten politics because we keep electing unsavory people to run it! So how can we continue being shocked about our troubled economy, losing jobs, rising taxes and bad governing when we gloss over exactly WHO the people are that we elect?

COME ON AMERICA!!! WAKE UP before everyone except the very wealthy is living on the streets without a pot to piss in or a window to through it out of or are in jail just for believing that we should remove the jerks and put in a whole new batch of good, hard-working, God-fearing people to do right by us! Because at this rate, we’d all be better off living in Russia!! At least the jerks there are upfront and in your face about things, and not behind your back stabbing at you!


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  1. Dottie Said:

    Right on target!

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