Starting a Newspaper!

I have decided, since not enough information is given to the people through our syndicated media channels, to start a newspaper that echoes these words; “We the People”! I’m looking for columnists to write on local (Maine) and federal constitutional, financial, governmental, patriotic, political and veterans issues. If you’re interested, please email me at my email address under my picture in the left column.
Here is the opening article:


The Clarion Edict

-An independent newspaper “of the people, by the poeple, for the people”.

 The Clarion Edict title was chosen by its publisher, Debby Reagan, because she wanted her readers to know that they have an independent voice for them within the media. Clarion means a medieval trumpet, like the one that sounded when a town crier wanted the crowd’s attention and said “Hear Ye, Hear Ye”. It also means clarity; clear. Edict means a proclamation with the force of law, an order or command. Ms. Reagan thought it was high time that the peoples voice was clearly proclaimed of what they want, need and think about their government, political officials, constitutional rights, veterans issues and all things patriotic without regards to any governmental party (or intrusion) or political affiliations, gender, race, religion or creed. Truly, an independent voice for the people so that it’s abundantly clear to one and all, what we demand from and of our government which we have created and are the masters of and which answers to us, “We the People”.


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