Dean Scontras – Say It Isn’t So!!

Here in Maine, dirty political TV ads are the norm, so sometimes you have to take them with a grain of salt. With that said, one in particular has me very concerned.
In the 1st Congressional District, two candidates Chellie Pingree (D) and Dean Scontras (R) are running in an almost dead heat, with only 4 more days to go. The news is running ads telling the public not only what they will do if elected, but also attacking the opposite side’s views and records. In one of those ads, Dean Scontras is quoted as saying that mandatory funding for the V.A. (veterans administration) “is too expensive”! WHAT?
We as a nation have made a SOLEMN promise after WWII to “care for those who have borne the burdens of war”. Many of our veterans have paid a very heavy price in answer our country’s call, and they deserve and have earned our country’s best in taking care of them….


This solemn promise should not be taken lightly and be dependent upon political moods or ideology! Or to be used as a “way to save money” political campaign tool!
Unlike other parts of the government, the VA has had to rely on year-to-year funding with never knowing from one year to the next which services and programs could be continued or cut. This needs to changed. Our brave men and women who served proudly need to know that they have their country’s support just as they supported us, without question and without conditions, PERIOD! The funding needs to be mandatory so that our veterans never need to worry about a promise, that SOME think can be conditional, being taken away from them! But Dean Scontras says that this would be too expensive?
So Dean Scontras,



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