Better Start Homeschooling Your Children!

Why? Because our government is actively and deliberately dumbing down our population, preparing us to be good socialists in a One World Order. Think this is a kooky thing to say? That’s what the government is counting on and has been conditioning you to say for decades. See my previous article “More Proof of Socialism….” for info (plus click on the link).

Here, I want to concentrate on the EDUCATION side of this issue. First, I want you to download Charlotte Isberbyt’s book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. Here she is talking about this:

AND ALSO HERE (1 of 3):

This is just mind blowing information! It is also all too true. My wee one is in fourth grade. She writes like a first grader, she knows nothing about the constitution, extremely little about our governmental structure and could only recite half of the FIRST LINE of the Pledge of Allegiance! So naturally, she’s being home schooled now with the Robinson Home Schooling curriculum.

When I brought to the school principle’s attention about my wee one’s lack of penmenship skills, she said, “We don’t concentrate on actual writing skills, we today concentrate on & emphasize computer skills.” Well, that’s obvious by her writing, and exactly my point! Instead of relying upon HER (my wee one’s) own abilities, dexterity and skills, she is being taught to rely upon a machine!

I want to include some comments here by Charlotte that I feel is very informative about our educational system countrywide. (For Charlotte’s credentials, see previous article mentioned above.)

1. In 1934 “Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies”, funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and compiled by the American Historical Association was published. Professor Harold Laski, a philosopher of British socialism, said of this report: “At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the Report is an educational program for a Socialist America.” The Report stated in part: “The Commission could not limit itself to a survey of textbooks, curricula, methods of instruction, and schemes of examination, but was impelled to consider the condition and prospects of the American people as a part of Western Civilization merging into a world order….Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that in the United States as in other countries, the age of laissez faire in economy and government is closing and a new age of collectivism is emerging…Organized public education in the United States, much more than ever before, is now compelled, if it is to fulfill its social obligations, to adjust its objectives, its curriculum, its methods of instruction, and its administrative procedures to the requirements of the emerging integrated order….If the school is to justify its maintenance and assume its responsibilities, it must recognize the new order and proceed to equip the rising generation to cooperate effectively in the increasingly interdependent society and to live rationally and well within its limitations and possibilities.”

2. President Eisenhower was the first President to sign agreements in 1958, at the peak of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union. These agreements related to education, space, the arts, medicine, etc.

3. Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev signed education agreements in 1985 at the same time the Carnegie Corporation of New York signed even more extensive agreements with the Soviet Academy of Science. These agreements accelerated the merger of the two education systems, changing our education system from one focused on academics and individual upward mobility to one focused on quotas for certain jobs requiring work force training (performance/outcomes- based) for a planned international socialist economy. This failed socialist economic system which calls for communist “free trade” as well, is being implemented right now, under our very noses. This failed system is of benefit to a very small percent of the world’s population known as “the elite” which benefits from socialist subsidies and the elimination of competition. What we are looking at in the United States today is the redistribution of wealth as well as the redistribution of brains, and nobody, not even a rocket scientist, seems to understand what is going on.

4. In 1990 our family bought a Greek Revival house in Bath, Maine, built in 1870 during the great days of sailing ships. The house contained demanding and beautiful books used in Bath at that time, a treasure trove that gave me total documentation that education in the late 1800s, which only went through 8th grade, was vastly superior to 12th grade “education” in Maine today.

These college-level school books, as well as the Salina, Kansas 1898 eighth grade final exam (on the Internet) which the average Harvard graduate could not pass, supported conclusions I had reached over a period of thirty years as a researcher, school board member, co-founder, with Bettina Dobbs, of Guardians of Education for Maine (1980-1998), and Sr. Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education 1980-1982. Those conclusions were that the creation of moral chaos and the “dumbing down” of America have been deliberate in order to move our nation towards the totalitarian, socialist World Government called for by Lenin and Stalin.

The danger in not teaching our children American history and their rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights was underscored by a recent survey commissioned by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and conducted at 339 U.S. colleges and universities which found that more than 2/3 of students and administrators were unable to remember that freedom of religion and the press are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. When asked what essential rights are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, over 1/4 failed to mention freedom of speech and over 3/4 did not name freedom of assembly or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Only 21% mentioned freedom of religion, and less than 30% mentioned freedom of the press. (For the rest of this article, “Maine’s Never Ending Assault on Traditional Education”, click here:

So, is it any wonder why our country, who once lead the world academically, is now ranked 18th among 36 nations examined, as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports? And since our government is hell-bent on making us a socialist country, they aren’t about to change this any time soon! The only way to stop this right now, is to educate ourselves on what our government is doing and STOP THEM OURSELVES. We can start this by removing our children from their clutches and educating them correctly!


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