Congress Is To Blame For Mental Illness in Americans

Remember my post… 545 vs 300,000,000 where it states that only those 545 legislative members on Capitol Hill are to blame for the bad economy and the state of the nation as they are the only ones who vote for and make law? Well, in light of this tragic shooting in Tuscon,  let’s shine a bright spotlight on how these 545 legislative members on Capitol Hill own actions have helped bring this mental illness condition to be so much of a prominent problem here in America. Here is a very good article from Natural News. This is yet another VERY good reason why we need to do away with the congress’s so-called “food safety” bills and keep our sovereign rights to safe food and water and keep the federal government out of it!

Congress bears a tremendous responsibility for creating those psychos in the first place, and that’s where this story takes a turn for the ugly. How could such a claim be true? Read on…

It is Congress that has allowed the FDA to continue censoring the science behind nutritional supplements while pushing psychiatric drugs on children, for example. Did you know that vitamin D deficiency promotes schizophrenia?

Did you know that most of the school shootings in the United States involve young males with a history of psychiatric drug use?

Did you know that SSRI drugs (antidepressants) often promote violent thoughts, especially in young males?

I have very high confidence that a blood test of Loughner would reveal striking nutritional deficiencies combined with blood sugar imbalances. His photo reveals pale white skin, for example — a common indicator of chronic vitamin D deficiency.

Did you know that the vast majority of violent criminals currently serving time in U.S. prisons suffer from blood sugar imbalances caused by a lifetime of junk food consumption? (Sodas, processed sugar, etc.)

These are all issues on which Congress could have made a positive impact over the last several decades but refused to because corporate interests were at stake. The junk food, pharmaceutical and sick-care industries all have powerful lobbyists influencing the votes of members of Congress, and very few members of Congress have ever taken any real action to reduce the exposure of American children and teens to dangerous foods, additives, medications and chemicals that actually promote mental illness.

Brain-damaging chemicals remain legal in America
When it comes to brain-damaging chemicals, Congress has also stood by and done virtually nothing to protect the American people from fluoride, brain-damaging adjuvants in vaccines, mercury dental fillings, dangerous chemicals in personal care products and mind-damaging chemicals in home construction materials (wanna live in a FEMA trailer, anyone?)

While decrying the terrible health crisis facing America today — which includes mental health — Congress has stood by and done absolutely nothing to actually improve the fundamental health of the American people. No, the Obama health care reforms don’t count, because all they do is grant a monopoly over sick-care to the conventional medical industry while completely ignoring disease prevention, nutrition and other natural therapies that can often reverse chronic disease. If anything, Obama’s health care reforms would make mental illness worse because, by forcing Americans to purchase conventional health insurance, they deny Americans the discretionary income they might normally spend on nutritional supplements, organic foods or other natural therapies that can help prevent mental illness.

Instead of actually improving the health of the American people, Congress has jumped in bed with the pharmaceutical industry and handed Big Pharma a monopoly over sick-care, written into law with Obama’s health care reform (and also backed by the Bush administration before that).

Notably, this decision was aggressively promoted by the Democrats and even Gabrielle Giffords herself, who voted for Obamacare. (Do not twist this into an interpretation that I blame Giffords for Loughner’s actions. She deserves no such blame. Congress as a whole, however, has played an important role in allowing mental illness to fester in America while suppressing nutritional therapies and cures that could help end that particular epidemic.)

The illusion of mental health “treatment” in America
Only a very small number of congressional members have ever done anything to support nutritional therapies or health freedoms that would genuinely improve the physical and mental health of the American people. Rep. Ron Paul, notably, has offered a Health Freedom Protection Act for several years now, but that bill never has enough support by other members of Congress to even make it to the floor for a debate. Rep Dennis Kucinich, on the Democratic side, is a supporter of natural health, and he deserves credit for trying to carry such concepts into his actions there, too.

Aside from a few exceptions, Congress has, by and large, has done nothing to support any improvement in the mental health of the American people. And funding more conventional “mental health screening” doesn’t count because, as intelligent observers well know, mental health “screening” is merely a profit-driven patient recruiting scheme used by pharmaceutical companies to put more people on psychiatric drugs, many of which actually promote violent thoughts as a common side effect.

So now we have members of Congress essentially being violently assaulted by the very people they have historically abandoned with their Big Pharma favoritism and refusal to embrace health freedom in America. It remains illegal in America, for example, for an Omega-3 supplement manufacturer to tell the truth that omega-3 supplements work as well or better than antidepressants at reducing the symptoms of depression.

The FDA considers such a claim, even if backed by links to scientific studies, to be a criminal act. And the Congress has never bothered to exercise oversight with the FDA to prevent such outlandish oppression of scientific speech about nutrition that could really work to reduce mental illness in America. – by Mike Adams

For MORE of this article on the effects of nutrition on our mental health, the epidemic of mental illnes in America and what Congress has to done to only make it worse, CLICK HERE.



  1. Ann Beal Said:

    I agree with this 100% and you can bet we’re not going to hear about it much. Brasscheck TV does have a video on it, though.

    • Debby Reagan Said:

      Thank you for the link Ann! And I agree, we won’t see any mainstream media reporting this as they are controlled by the very government hell-bent on destroying us…. our own!

  2. Cheryl Said:

    Love your article. You make many wonderful points about nutrition, etc. There are many points left out related to the countless frauds, traumas, impoverishments by the gov’t from corruption, especially in the courts, foreclosures, etc.

    • Debby Reagan Said:

      That will be coming soon Cheryl!! I am presently getting together some massive info about this very subject, so stay tuned. But I have touched upon our government’s fraud and impoverishing the American people not only in money, but educationally as well as constitutionally (our rights!) in previous articles like on Dec.10, 2010 I wrote about the income tax being unconstitutional, on Dec. 28, 2010 that our government is deliberatly dumbing down America in our schools, on Dec. 24, 2010 about our government’s plans for making America a socialist country through our school system. There are others before these as well. Just check the calendar in the left column right under my picture and intro remark. Happy reading!

  3. Rose Poole Said:


    This was THE best write-up on a blog I have read to date! Absolutely right on!! And, I appreciate the highlighted links you add so that one can read reference points that further add substance to your subject.
    I have witnessed for myself the amazing powers of how good nutrition and natural healing have turned the lives around of people I knew who were failing in health and suffering from chronic diseases, but given nothing but drugs from doctors. These people have become healthier and happier, and just using what the good Creator provided for all of us here on earth. He gave us all the stuff we would ever need; we don’t need man-made chemicals in most cases as the human body was not meant to assimilate foreign and dangerous substances.
    Also, the unbelievable use of drugs by a huge percentage of the population; the worst being those drugs forced on young people by those in the psychiatric world. Children being given Ritalin. Yes, you are correct in writing that many of these shooting crimes committed by children and teenagers can most likely be contributed by former drugs given them earlier on. The pharmaceutical industry will not give out the numbers on these crimes (and I’ll bet they have the statistics — and those under lock and key!), and one certainly does not hear about the perpetrator’s drug-induced early years by doctors and psychiatrists when the newsman makes his or her broadcast on the particular tragedies of the day. I grew up in the late 40s, went to schools (both rural and big city) all through the 50s and NEVER faced — or heard of — a shooting rampage by a student back then. NEVER. (I just put two and two together and realized the biggest reason why I never heard or witnessed such — kids were simply NOT put on drugs to cover any emotional disorders back in those days; plus our food was usually made from scratch, and homecooked by mom!).
    As regards to the mention about GMO foods, this is the next big take-over by Monsanto and other companies of that ilk to control the world’s seed/food supply, which is to be one of mankind’s MOST SERIOUS of THREATS and being engineered (I do believe) to help decimate the excess population in the long (or short) run. Glad to see that their evil manipulations are not going to be as secret as they would like..and MAYBE we can rally a cry to do something about this and banish any such research and takeover.
    Wonderful writing! I’m going to share it with some new folks who feel the same way. Thanks. again, Debby. You really have a handle on these things!

    • Debby Reagan Said:

      Thank you Rose. And yes, Mike Adams writes wonderfully! He certainly is for the people for sure!

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