Forclosure Info That Should Win Your Case For Fraud Against MERS!

I have been collecting a LOT of info about the foreclosure fraud by mortgage companies, banks and others. I will be sharing it in sections, as there is a lot and I don’t want you to miss anything because of a long list. So I will start with the TWO most important pieces of evidence that should settle your case immediately. PERIOD! And that is because it is MERS, in their OWN words, saying that they are NOT the holder of the note OR deed and are only the nominee. Piece number one is MERS OWN submission of appeal to a Nebraska court. Submit this appeal in it’s entirety with your defense, it is very powerful. The second piece is again, in MERS OWN words and believe it or not, it’s a handbook telling the banks who want to foreclose on how to do it using MERS name! And it lists how to do this for each state! Submit this, with MERS appeal in your defense (along with anything else you might have to prove fraud) and this should give the judge enough reason to dismiss your case!

It appears to me that the defendant in Taylor, as in so many other cases failed to get into the record the single piece of evidence that almost universally defeats MERS. That is the Appellant’s Brief in MERS v Nebraska Dept. of Banking, wherein MERS judicially admits that it NEVER has any interest in the promissory note or any pecuniary interest in the alleged mortgage indebtedness.

Appellate Courts continue to rule in favor of MERS based upon false facts! Defendants need to get the CORRECT FACTS into evidence.
– William A. Roper, Jr.

To read more about this from Roper, CLICK HERE.
To download the MERS APPEAL document, CLICK HERE.
The MERS Foreclosure Handbook. Just CLICK HERE to download it!

Good luck and please make sure to share this info with others! We need to bring these fraudsters to their judgement day, and make them pay for their greedy crimes!

Go here for the next section of information.


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  1. Zane Said:

    Absolutely true, and if you have a ruling from the court for a foreclosure against you and they have won the right to foreclosue against your property. The foreclosure must still be a legal foreclosure and not an illegal forclosure as are taking place across the country. You must demand to see the original documents in hand for the foreclosure to take place. The foreclosing attorney or company must still produce the orginal unmarked promissory note in hand and the origninal bookkeeping entries to prove they actually loaned you their own money and not the depositors or a credit loan. It is against the law for a bank to loan depositors money and against the law to loan credit. So who funded the loan? And, unless they prove the requirements of law by having the original documents in hand you are the fisrt funds transforeor to the account wherein they altered your promissory note; “Pay to the Order of” and deposited the Promissory note as an asset into a bank account set up in your name by the alleged Lender without your knowledge. You have become the first funds transferor to the account of your future labor as an asset to them. Herein is fraud in fctum material alteration of a signed document and doing it wihtout disclosure. all real defenses in law accoring the the law of your state, the UCC, FASB and GAAP. However, the judges get commencerated [paid big bucks] accordingly by the bank if they rule in your foreclosing attorney or company’s favor and receive littel or nothing from you if they rule in your favor. A legal foreclosure according to the law [but who cares about the law? very few judges or attorneys (Judge Boyko does for the reputation of the USDC is priceless but not in Nevada] is they must have the original documents in hand, the bookkeeper and books showing the loan entry by FASB and GAAP, a sworn testimony under penalty of perjury that no “ROBO signing took place and prove the Lender loaned their own funds to you as claimed the burden of proof is encumbant upon him who affirms [except in Nevada courts, attorneys can tell the judge any fairy tale and the judge will believe it]. However, if you wrote a Promissory note for $300,000 and it is deposited it becomes the banks assets up $300,000 the liability side is also $300,000 showing the bank account is owed $300,000 they then transfer the liability by bank check tothe seller of $300,000 thus zeroing the account and you funded your own loan as first funds transferor. Where in the accounting process did they loan you their own funds as claimed for the valid foreclosure? they did not loan anything. The unjust enrichment is they sell the note and and keep the money and give you nothing but deceive your into thinking you now owe the new servicer. (By the way did you get a deposit slip from the lender as required by law?) This is the deception in the lending practice in every alleged loan that has been foreclosed on in the United States and it probably has been done in collusion of the banker’s, the lawyers and the Courts if the note has been sold to another party without disclosure. The exception is if you bouhgt your property from someone who has built the house or actually paid for it with their labor over time. Then that is a valid transaction to the accourt and a valid foreclosure.

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