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My 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right

Due to the tragic shooting in Tuscon, the debate of gun control and right to own is in the forefront once again. And once again, the liberals want to take away the right to own a gun or restrict & control gun ownership by law to such a degree that the right to own firearms is just about zero anyways.
Well, here are my thoughts on this issue.
1st, the 2nd Amendment is clear. We the people have the right to bear arms, period.
2nd, It is NOT more control or laws we need. There are too many now as it is.
3rd, what we need to do is to concentrate on the person who buys the firearms. Now, here it does get to be a wee bit tricky because of privacy rights, etc. But I submit this, if you are a sane, law-abiding Citizen, then what is a little hassle in letting someone check you out? If it means that there is a chance to catch someone else who shouldn’t be wielding a firearm (such as a convicted bank robber or murderer for example), then IMHO it’s worth the wait. So, background check away!
4thly, I’m REALLY tired of the liberals saying that the gun is the issue. Like it or not liberals, it is not the GUN that kills. It is only the weapon of choice. It is the PERSON that does the killing.
5thly, It shouldn’t be a stigma to actual own a weapon and carry it. If there had been a responsible person with a weapon at the scene of the Tuscon shooting AT THE TIME of the shooting (instead of afterwards), the carnage would have been dramaticly lessened.
So, let’s leave the liberal gun banning rhetoric out of this and let’s find better ways to keep undesriable characters from being able to acquire firearms and leave responsible law-abiding people’s constitutional rights intact and alone!