Maine’s New AG Says Congress Can’t Make Us Buy Insurance

Tonight on channel 6, WCSH Portland, Maine… during a report about the possibility of Maine joining Florida in a suit against the US Government challenging the constitutionality of “Obama Care”, our new state attorney general, William Schneider said that the US Congress does not have the right to force the American public to have to buy a commercial product, such as health insurance.

Then PLEASE, tell me why the state of Maine’s congress has the right to force us Maine Citizens to have to buy a commercial product such as car insurance? I do not understand the difference. And we the people have been saying this ALL along that the government, no matter at WHAT level, has absolutely NO RIGHT to dictate to us in having to purchase anything! It is OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE, period! It’s about time, someone up on Capital Hill is finally agreeing with us! Now the question is, will anyone else up there listen and actually do something about it?


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  1. I agree 100%. They cannot mandate that we buy insurance! It’s just another money scam. I chose to purchase life insurance and when the time came to collect, I was left WITHOUT insurance, thanks to Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. and the rubber stamp of approval by the Maine Bureau of Insurance. Let’s not forget homeowners insurance with Liberty Mutual. BEWARE OF BOTH!

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