Clarification of the 257 FTZ’s Chinese Towns

Since there has been quite a hub-bub about this email that went around and caused quite a stir about Chinese towns being slated for each state (see my article Maine to Be Home for Communist Towns) and people asking me for proof beyond just the email and 2 links provided, I decided to do some research.

Yes, the map included does show that there are 257 FTZ’s. What it doesn’t show is for what it is slated for or to whom they will be assigned to. So, I went to the source of the email that was sent to me. It was distributed by a group named the Second Amendment Committee which was founded by Bernadine Smith. I called Ms. Smith and asked her a few questions to clarify and verify this information (her phone number is on the page at the Second Amendment Committe site). What she told me was that in Idaho, a website publication called the Idaho Statesman ran an article on Dec. 31, 2010, “Chinese Company Eyes Boise”. The synopsis is this: “Build a 10,000 to 30,000 acre “TECHNOLOGY ZONE” south of the Boise airport with homes and retail centers to be leased to the COMMUNIST CHINESE with full landing rights to the airport.” Well this quickly caused concern and a campaign for everyone around the US to write their federal senators and reps with calls objecting to allowing the Chinese communists to have territory within the United States (Idaho) for the purpose of setting up communist-owned businesses with full landing rights in our airports.
Some research was done and it was found that apparently 2 FTZ’s in Idaho were slated for assignment to the Chinese government to implement this plan. So, Ms. Smith looked and saw that there are 257 other FTZ’s all over the US and was concerned about what THOSE were going to be used for and by whom? So thus, the email that has gone far & wide. She never said that ALL 257 were slated for the Chinese government (that somehow got lost in the transfer of information), but did say, “if 2 FTZ’s in Idaho are being slated for them (Chinese government), then how many more might be? This is a question that everyone should be asking their federal government  legislators and also telling them your concerns about the plan of the Idaho FTZ’s being slated for them right now”.
So now, for much more information about the Idaho situation please go read here:

Second Amendment Committee Blog

The Idaho Statesman

I agree with Ms. Smith that in light of what is transpiring in Idaho that each patriot must be diligent and call their federal senators and reps and find out what is planned for the FTZ’s in their state and also tell them that it won’t be acceptable for ANY American  FTZ to be assigned to the Chinese government, PERIOD! Because even ONE assigned to the communist Chinese government is one TOO many!

If our  federal governmental legislators are so concerned in saving our money (they say that this will help save money in trading with them) then here’s a plan for a good start: Why don’t they put a freeze on their own pay raise hikes for the next 5 years and cut in half what they make now (most of them don’t even earn THAT half either IMHO) and then take THAT money savings and pay the import/export fees and taxes in stead of bringing communism onto our land? I won’t trade what is left of my sovereignty just to save a few bucks, TYVM! And neither should any other red blooded American patriot!

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  1. Janus Said:

    Viral the info.
    Get this Chinese invasion stopped. or we face a Red Dawn

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