Congress Ignores States Request for Article V Convention

(Note: I’m not advocating a Constitutional Convention. The object is to show that the Congress is ignoring we the people. Even if the end results is a good thing, the fact is, they are ignoring us. And the vast majority of the time, it’s to our detriment.That is the point of this post.)

Friends Of the Article V Convention (FOAVC) writes:

Congress Defies Article V of the U.S. Constitution by Ignoring Hundreds of Article V Applications From All 50 states:

When it comes to amending the U.S. Constitution, Congress has shown respectful behavior to one type of action by states: state decisions on ratification of amendments proposed by Congress. But when it comes to states invoking Article V’s option for a convention of state delegates to propose amendments, Congress has, for the entire history of the nation, blatantly and illegally ignored those state applications.

As part of FOAVC’s project to make available all such Article V Convention applications for public scrutiny, it has made an important observation. Congress has failed miserably (most likely by design) at its duty to track and keep a count of all Article V Convention applications (so that they will know when two thirds of the states have met the prerequisite number for a peremptory Article V Convention). Similar to ratification actions, Congress has categorized these as “memorials” from the states. Congress has referred these “memorials” to the House and Senate judiciary committees where they die, and are filed away in a multitude of volumes of printed Congressional Records (which we have painstakingly collected below), making it very difficult to keep an accurate count.

Also, please see the following Congressional Record which clearly demonstrates that the requisite number of states (i.e. two thirds or more) have already requested an Article V Convention, and Congress on has ignored their peremptory duty to call an Article V Convention:


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