Judicial Misconduct & Political Corruption

S.O.S. – D. D. (Same Old Sh!t – Different Day)! Well, it’s high time we Americans get off our behinds, stop complaining and actually DO SOMETHING about these crimes and frauds that our judges and politicians commit so blatantly out in the open and just don’t care! Just like I’ve said in many posts here before, our judicial system and our other 2 branches of government are so corrupt that there is just no fixing it without wiping the slate clean first, and then start afresh!

Read the following excerpt from Due Process Defenders, then click here for the full article.

Currently, Due Process Defenders are continuing to collect instances of injustices, growing the databases created as well as documented, for and requested by House Judiciary Chair John Conyers. Yet to date the Defenders despite the disclosures, documentation and petition of government, have not achieved their 3 goals: 1) Overturning fraudulant cases; 2) Testifying before Congress; and 3) A bonafide Department of Justice/FBI investigation. The denial of public exposure regarding the judicial misconduct and political corruption bankrupting our nation has been repeatedly and willfully suppressed. Yet, in direct contrast, there have been hearings on athlete’s use of steroids, domestic spying, and mortgage fraud, yet as Americans have their homes, children, livelihoods and liberties, literally stolen in the total absense of due process or any legal standard, via courts or those purporting to be acting as a government ‘of the people’, not even a date for a hearing has been scheduled by the 110th Congress.

As a result, Due Process Defenders, Began a December Project. Posted at the Family Rights Radio website, http://uscdc.org/DecemberActions.htm , are steps to, under the Private Attorney General Legislation, petition Congress for judicial review and accountability. Thus, if you too would like to file documents to the Library of Congress and 110th, documenting a violation of law by legal channels, elected officials and/or governmental agencies, complete the form or 3 step process conveying your sovereign rights as per the Private Attorney General provision legislated by Congress. Or if you have a due process violation and simply would like to document the travesty, please send the case number, court, judge, and issue to Family Rights Radio, AHRC or Tiffany Rice.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tiffany Rice at tiffanyrice@mindspring.com or 770-605-5921.

Join fellow Americans by refusing to accept a ‘Judicial Matrix’ predicated upon profit not law, by offering relentless commitment, dedication and courage. As is the history of our nation, Americans MUST demand justice and freedom!


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