Global Currency Restructuring is Happening Now

“A huge Operation has gone on right before your eyes, and Americans did not see it. Changing in a way never seen before. The charade is being disrobed.”

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Disclaimer: These notes are not intended to be used as accurate transmission of the GET Telephone Conference and Guest Speaker “Contact 2”. The notes are only shared for the sakes of those who do not have the time to listen to the video . . although, the video is highly recommended.

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Reporter

Video of a G.E.T. Phone conference with “Contact 2″ who is a former intelligence Air Force officer. Takes 2 hours.


1. Disclosure is given about the global currency shift that is happening today . . NOW . . and we don’t see it. We are not being told what is happening.

FACT: The Chinese took away the processing authority of delivering the Global Settlements and the Prosperity Packages , and are making the deliveries at this time. Americans were dragging their feet on the promised deliveries, and the Chinese did not put up with it.

There was an Emergency Meeting over the weekend with the Secretary of the Treasury in Washington on Saturday and Sunday.

A meeting with the Chinese Dragons and the Pentagon occurred this weekend.

Monday, today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recalled all of the US Ambassadors and Consulates for a 2 Day Meeting in Washington, DC. The reason for the meeting was to prevent interference on other levels as they continue this process.

Once the Program Packages and Global Settlements are delivered, there will be a new currency distributed with new treasury dollars.

The Iraqi DINAR will be devalued

There will be a new level global playing field with the new currency.

The sequential events will happen very quickly; all of this should be over by Wednesday.

The Chinese New Year is on Thursday, and they want it done by then.

By next Monday, there should be a new banking system.

The Iraqi DINAR will be used for oil purchases – globally.
the Chinese Yuan will be used for exchanges.

Currencies are recognized as sovereign-based, and will be continued .. just reformed.

Q&A — BRIEF EXCERPTS OF ANSWERS ONLY (Go to the video for the details)

1. By revaluating the DINAR, the price of USA gasoline will rise to the same as other nations. It has been artificially and fraudulently suppressed.

2. The Federal Reserve has kept the USA in a perpetual state of DEBT and used the Americans as the slaves to pay it. This is going to end. The transition to new POSITIVE valued currencies will be based in Gold, Silver or Oil.

3. The Federal Reserve is fighting this global action. The Chinese circumvented it.China is dismantling the OPEC Cartel, that was created by the Rockefeller elitists.

4. The situation in Greece is different. People were burning the banks that were under Rockefellers. At this time, Spain and Portugal will be okay.

5. The elitists all over the globe are going down.

6. At the end of WW-II, there were 152,000 NAZI iffucers infiltrated into the US Intelligence community, and they began rebuilding the regime in the USA. The American CIA was patterned after the SS.

7. The National Security Act with its Black Projects forced Americans to sign away their rights in the name of national security.

8. The NAZI plan for seizing power was disclosed by a Professor in his Ph.D. Thesis, which was later a book entitled, How the Nazi’s Seized Power.

9. To gain control of the USA, the hidden NAZI regime had to seize control over:
(a) Intelligence community,
(b) Media,
(c) Banking, and
(d) the Military Industrial Complex.

10. In order to gain control over the Media, there had to be a willing Religious group .. the Fundamental Christians were the perfect tool because they had Dogma and Patriotism. TRAP: Everyone wants to love their country.

11. After a lot of research, the United STates military minds agreed — THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING TO A NUCLEAR WAR. So, they started using the debasement of currency to entrap their enemies and suppress them.

12. The military plan to debase currencies as a military strategy went to Howard Hughes who shelved it; however, President Reagan brought it out, funded it, and used it to gut the Soviet Union. It worked.

13. A total of $43,7 Trillion was made during Reagan’s exploitation of Russia. It was high-jacked by President Bush, and never returned. This is the reason for the Settlement Programs today.

14. The CIA is running the global Drug Cartels. It is going to be defunded when the new currency is in place.

15. An even playing field will have transparency. It will eliminate the reasons for (a) war, (b) Drug cartels, (c) Oil manipulations, and (d) Chainless slaves to pay taxes.

16. China is not interested in expansion .. never was and never will be. It is focused on making life better for the country. China’s wealthy leaders only used communism to reunite the very divided country. Americans do not need to fear China, and try to understand that it thinks very differently.

17. China allowed the USA to borrow $43 Trillion to restart the US economy in 1933.

In 1978 – the 75 year loan came due.

Congress wanted to ignore it. President Bush, Sr. gave NWO speeches. He was arrogant, and believed that the Chinese
Dynasty had all died; therefore, he did not have to pay back the debt. During the Clinton administration, the Chinese presented the heir to that Dynasty, and the money was due.

18. The Gold located in the bottom of the Twin Trade Towers was quietly removed at 11:00 pm at night by 4 garbage trucks, and taken to the Russian vessels 50 miles North of the Hudson River. It was off-loaded onto 2 airplanes and then taken to the Mahauve Air Field. Once all of the gold was removed, the towers were imploded – September 11, 2001.


19. The “HOMERUN” software was developed to take control over 757 and 767 airplanes from the ground, in case of problems in the cockpit. There were only 3 planes in the 911 event. The Pentagon was hit by a smaller craft.

20. The purpose of Basel I and II is to stop unbacked currency and produce International regulations for accounts.

21. All debts are in the process of being “PAID in FULL”. via the Global Settlements. Berneke recently siad that CDOs are worthless. He was telling us that “all debts are gone.”

22. Mortgages that do not have a Promissory Note are technically and legally gone, according to recent Court decisions.

23. The MER is trying to play a game with old property. (listen to the video)

24. It is predicted that the IRS is not going to be around much longer. Federal Reserve is definitely going away.

25. When American people learn about the atrocities created by their own government, they will be as horrified as the little German towns that were within 1 kilometer of the concentration camps, but did not know what was happening. There will be people prosecuted for US War Crimes in the near future.

26. There are very, very wealthy powerful Chinese families who are working behind the scenes on these coming changes. They choose to have no losers. They want “Two winners” and long term stability. Communism was a tool, just like Socialism, Democracy, and other political choices. They are not absolutists.

27. The USA recently parted 2 nuclear carriers within the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone of China. The USA was told to move them. The USA refused. An undetected Chinese submarine exploded an IMP weapon behind the Reagan aircraft carrier, which accidentally fried all of the electrical equipment in the Princess Cruise ship. the message sent to the USA was that the Chinese are capable of blowing up the two carriers, and offered the USA the opportunity to comply. This occurred 35 miles South of San Diego.

28. The speaker said to be prudent and take your time with decisions. Let things settle and understand them before making a move.

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  1. Rose Poole Said:

    Thanks, Debby, for putting these notes of Contact2 interview in handy note form. Listened to the interview twice, and now it’s good to have these notes to refer to, as well as share with others. Sure haven’t heard much of anything about this anywhere else….nor will we, most likely. Here’s hoping this is not idle speculation.

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