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Call Your AG TODAY!

Today, March 29, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to save millions from losing their homes and hold accountable the big banks that caused this crisis.

Right now, the 50 state Attorneys General are in critical negotiations with the big banks. The outcome of these negotiations could mean the difference between millions of struggling homeowners finally getting the help they need from their lenders, or the big banks continuing with business as usual, foreclosing on families needlessly.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and other big banks could easily walk away scott-free, if thousands of us don’t call our Attorneys General tomorrow.

5 reasons to call your Attorney General today:
1. The 50 state AG’s are starting negotiations with the big banks to hammer out settlement details NOW.
2. A settlement decision could be made as early as May!
3. The big banks are going to do everything they can to weaken any settlement that holds them accountable. (They are already crying foul against the first soft settlement proposed by the 50-state Attorneys General in early March.)
4. A strong settlement means that millions of homeowners who are the victims of fraudulent mortgages could stay in their homes, while millions more could receive restitution.
5. A weak settlement means that those responsible for perpetrating massive mortgage fraud would continue to get away with their crimes.

The time is now to collectively fight back. We can work together to demand that the big banks are held accountable for their crimes.

Your Attorney General needs to make a choice – either side with YOU and be a hero to homeowners and communities by going toe-to-toe with the big banks, OR side with the big banks and let them continue to devastate our communities.

It’s time to demand that our Attorneys General deliver nothing less than a strong settlement against the big banks. Get ready to make the call!
Maine AG – William Schneider (207) 626-8800

Thanks for all that you do,

PICO National Network
Alliance for a Just Society
National People’s Action
IAF Southeast
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment


The Rise of FEMA – Full Length

Have you ever….
Wondered WHY the bailout happened for the banks?
Wondered WHY sometimes it seems that the Congress is nothing more than “puppets on strings” for the President?
Wondered why our government is just a stage of players and actors who seem to be answering to others beyond and instead of to us, the American people?
Then you need to watch the following video.

Could Someone Please Explain…

There are just so many things out there that just don’t make sense, so I’m adding a catergory called, Could Someone Please Explain…. and then putting here things that to me, just doesn’t make sense and needs explanation. Here is my first one:

Could someone please explain to me, how we are wasting water if after the water we use goes down the drain to a sewage pipe system that leads to a sewage plant that then filters the water and then puts the water back into the town/city water system? Or, if you’re in the country, it goes to your septic tank which filters it and puts it back into the earth for mother nature to refresh it and puts it back into the water table.
These commercials saying to conserve water because we waste it just doesn’t make sense when in truth, we really recycle this water!