Judicial and Gubernatorial Misconduct & Incompetence

During my pretrial/status hearing at the Springvale District Court, while addressing my motion for entry of default, the plaintiff’s (US Bank National Association) lawyer admitted in open court to the judge that they indeed had not answered my counterclaim. They admitted to being in default! And guess what? My motion for entry of default was denied by Judge Cantara! Instead, he scheduled it for a jury trial in Superior Court. Fact is, not only have they not proven standing yet, but THEY ARE IN DEFAULT!! Case should be over!!!

So, I filed a motion for reconsideration and objection to this error (along with a couple more errors) of procedural due process. I called the court today and was told that the judge wrote that there will be a hearing sometime in August to address my motion & objections. Not only for this error, but also for the fact that my motion for a show cause hearing was granted, but only as a meeting between me & the bank so I can inspect their “original” documents on July 18th. Now, the last I checked, a meeting in a conference room with no judge or recording is NOT a hearing! I wanted it before a judge, in a courtroom and under oath…now THAT IS a hearing! Besides that, the fact is, July 18th is BEFORE August, so how can we address this issue once it’s already over? And guess who decided this reconsideration hearing to be held in August? That’s right, Judge Cantara! How can he possibly deal with my motion for reconsideration of HIS court rulings? Isn’t this a conflict of interest, bias & prejudice?

So, I called Governor LePage’s office and spoke with Pat Condon. Told her about this and was told that the Governor can’t get involved because it has to do with the judicial branch. She gave me the number to the committee on judicial responsibilities and disabilities.  As I wrote in my article Maine Judges Blantanly Disregards the Rule of Law, this committee needs reconstructing by Governor LePage as it is made up of other judges (sometimes even the ones you are reporting!) and lawyers who in no way are going to remove any judge for misconduct or incompetence. Now, the Governor ran on the fact that he was a CONSTITUTIONAL believer & follower and would serve as a CONSTITUTIONAL governor. This means that he not only needs to go by the constitution, but know his rights & duties under the constitution. He should KNOW what the constitution states. Maine Constitution, Section 12. Shall enforce the laws. “The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”. This means that he SHALL make sure that the laws of this state are followed… by EVERYBODY! Nowhere does it state, “except for judges, as they are in the judicial branch” or, “except for senators as they are in the legislative branch”…. etc. The governor oversees EVERYONE, as he is the top law enforcement officer of our great state. So, Governor LePage, do your duty! Granted, I talked with Ms. Condon and not you. But, if I can’t get past her, to tell you that someone is not following the law and that you need to enforce that they do, how can you do your job? How can I let you know that someone is breaking the law? The gate-keepers are keeping me away from you! You need to listen to we, the people and show us that “running on the constitution” to get elected just wasn’t a ploy to get us to elect you and that you are indeed.. A GOVERNOR OF THE PEOPLE!
Otherwise, you lied and are just as incompetent as most of the judges here in Maine and should be removed for misconduct/malfeasance in office and incompetency.


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  1. Hang in there!

    Things are going to change for the better.

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