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Operation Sleeping Giant

America’s veterans truly are like a sleeping giant. It’s time to awaken them to the danger facing our Republic and their oath-sworn responsibilities to save it. Our Constitution hangs by a thread. If we wake the veterans up, this Republic will be saved. If we don’t, this Republic will fall. It’s as simple as that.
Let’s WAKE THEM UP so they can help us wake up, and lead, the whole country.
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Each of us who served are still bound by our oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and we must acknowledge that it has been because of our neglect of our duties, because of our negligence, that our nation has come to this. As veterans, our oath is not fulfilled merely by voting, or even by being willing to fight for our nation if that time should come again. We also have a responsibility to resurrect and rebuild the core institutions of a free people that we have allowed to wither and die away. We have an obligation to strengthen our states from the bottom up so we can weather any storm and resist any attempt to finally snuff out the light of liberty. We should be doing that anyway, because that is what it means to be a free, sovereign people in free, sovereign states. But this is all the more important because right now we face the very real possibility of an economic collapse. And that is why we have launched Operation Sleeping Giant. Help us get it off to a strong start.

The more money we raise during this Donation Drive, the faster we can reach EVERY veteran and veteran organization in America to wake them up and fire them up to stand up now and do what must be done to save our Republic and defend the Constitution. We will be sending speakers to veterans group meetings and events across the country, placing ads on veterans websites and in veterans magazines, and using every other means available to reach ALL of the veterans and wake them up.

If we reach veterans fast and “reactivate” them, with their leadership we can get our neighborhoods, towns, counties and states squared away so we won’t be weak and desperate when the fiat money system crashes. The stronger We the People are within our states, the less pretext there will be for “martial law” during a crisis and the less likely the current serving military and police will be to go along with it.

The more wide awake and prepared the veterans are, the more they can lead their neighbors in weathering the storm without sacrificing liberty on the alter of temporary security. And the veterans can lead the people in standing up and defending the powers reserved to the states or to the people (see the 10th Amendment), resisting the liberty crushing plans of the political and financial elites who intend to use chaos as an excuse to scrap our Constitution and national sovereignty once and for all.

Time is short, and we must get the veterans to focus on:

1. Economic security and independence (at individual, town, county, and state level). We will be working closely with

2. Food, fuel, emergency medical, and communications security and independence (again, as individuals, neighborhoods, local communities, counties, and states)

3. Physical security, to include neighborhood watches, a Sheriff’s Posse (staffed by volunteers, but under direct command of the Sheriff), and a real-deal, honest to God public militia, which will also be a public institution established by the county but staffed by volunteers, and eventually established at the state level (using the research and model bills of Dr. Edwin Vieira).

4. State sovereignty and political independence. Veterans must kick the bums out (as GOOOH recommends), & vote only for proven constitutionalists who have the guts to defend the Constitution and enforce its boundaries. It is vital that we have strong states that will enforce the Tenth Amendment, using nullification of unconstitutional laws, as urged by the Tenth Amendment Center. (

Once gain, we should be doing all of the above anyway, because that’s what it means to be a free people in free, sovereign states, in a constitutional republic, but it is especially crucial as we face the prospects of a coming economic collapse. Time is short, so please help us spread the message to all veterans and all Americans, and turn the tide.

Stewart Rhodes,
Founder of Oath Keepers

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Judicial Misconduct & Political Corruption

S.O.S. – D. D. (Same Old Sh!t – Different Day)! Well, it’s high time we Americans get off our behinds, stop complaining and actually DO SOMETHING about these crimes and frauds that our judges and politicians commit so blatantly out in the open and just don’t care! Just like I’ve said in many posts here before, our judicial system and our other 2 branches of government are so corrupt that there is just no fixing it without wiping the slate clean first, and then start afresh!

Read the following excerpt from Due Process Defenders, then click here for the full article.

Currently, Due Process Defenders are continuing to collect instances of injustices, growing the databases created as well as documented, for and requested by House Judiciary Chair John Conyers. Yet to date the Defenders despite the disclosures, documentation and petition of government, have not achieved their 3 goals: 1) Overturning fraudulant cases; 2) Testifying before Congress; and 3) A bonafide Department of Justice/FBI investigation. The denial of public exposure regarding the judicial misconduct and political corruption bankrupting our nation has been repeatedly and willfully suppressed. Yet, in direct contrast, there have been hearings on athlete’s use of steroids, domestic spying, and mortgage fraud, yet as Americans have their homes, children, livelihoods and liberties, literally stolen in the total absense of due process or any legal standard, via courts or those purporting to be acting as a government ‘of the people’, not even a date for a hearing has been scheduled by the 110th Congress.

As a result, Due Process Defenders, Began a December Project. Posted at the Family Rights Radio website, , are steps to, under the Private Attorney General Legislation, petition Congress for judicial review and accountability. Thus, if you too would like to file documents to the Library of Congress and 110th, documenting a violation of law by legal channels, elected officials and/or governmental agencies, complete the form or 3 step process conveying your sovereign rights as per the Private Attorney General provision legislated by Congress. Or if you have a due process violation and simply would like to document the travesty, please send the case number, court, judge, and issue to Family Rights Radio, AHRC or Tiffany Rice.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tiffany Rice at or 770-605-5921.

Join fellow Americans by refusing to accept a ‘Judicial Matrix’ predicated upon profit not law, by offering relentless commitment, dedication and courage. As is the history of our nation, Americans MUST demand justice and freedom!

Maine to Be Home For Communist Towns!

Wondered what Obama was speaking about to China’s dictator when he went to China recently? Hang on to your seat because here is more proof that Obama is turning the USA towards socialism/communism.

After reading this please see the post clarifying this info. TY.

All 50 Governors have allowed parcels of land to the Chinese to set up little towns in EACH state and live there supposedly for the purpose of producing Chinese products for sale in the U.S.A.. They will be under the laws of the state in which they live, but will be considered “foreign territory” and called “Foreign Trade Zones”.
The excuse given for creating communist towns all over our nation is that these Chinese people will produce products for sale in the United States, and the FTZ will eliminate overseas shipping costs of the products they create! Hmmmm, what ever happened to good ol’American workers? We can’t manufacture goods anymore that we need to bring communists to live here in closed towns to do it for us?
And what exactly will be going on in these closed towns made up of good Chinese loyal to their “Motherland” who has made no bones about wanting to rid the earth of the evil called America? Maybe the US government needs help to implement JFK’s Public Law 87-297, for “general and complete disarmament of the United States” (That’s the law that calls for us to have no more army, no more navy, and no more air force, all of which is to be transferred over on a permanent basis to the communist-dominated United Nations! That law also prohibits all firearms from being owned by American citizens) to disarm us because they have had such a miserable time in doing it themselves?

“Without firearms, there will be no more liberty, freedom, or justice in government. Guns are the main core of the check and balance system. Our nation’s founders realized that firearms in the possession of the people are the indispensible safeguard upon which all of the other rights in the “Bill of Rights” depend! That’s why the Second Amendment was meant to be honored, treasured, and preserved!”

“Some people are wondering if the American land in these FTZ’s is being given as collateral for the huge debt we owe to China? Some people are asking: “Does China own us and is our land collateral in case we don’t pay the debt?” China is allowing American businesses to get established in China as FTZ’s. Americans must build the structures in China, and they must employ all Chinese people to do the work in what is built there. After a short amount of years, the Americans must vacate, leave the buildings and let the Chinese keep the technology and the active operation as on-going. What this amounts to is transferring American technology and management to communist China.” (Wonder if the same happens here. Will the Chinese have to do the same here and hire ALL Americans to do the work and leave like we have to there?)

Are you worried yet? Well, go here for the map to see all 257 planned FTZ’s and check out where in your state one will be coming soon! Then, look here for the planned proposal and when there’ll be a public hearing near you for you to voice your opinion. Seems to me that it wasn’t planned to be TOO public as this is a well hidden piece of news. Wait, it ISN’T news. That’s right! Our government controlled liberal media NOT at work for “we the people” yet again! No surprise there!

FTZ’s are also known as SEZ’s (Special Economic Zones) Please relay this information to all your friends. Someone has to answer for this on state and federal levels! What a set-up for sabotage, espionage, and a study on how to take over the whole United States in a war! Because the newspapers and other media are controlled, they will not be reporting on this unless there is a great public outcry. Remember when being a communist was a punishable crime in the U.S.A. My, how we have changed! Complete reversal. Best to take this information to local public officials as well as all your contacts. Please do not delay spreading this information.
Remember the hard-learned lesson taught to gullible people back in ancient times, when the Trojan Horse was built and they pulled it past their protective gates! Do we Americans look THAT STUPID to the Chinese and to our Washington,D.C. leaders? Apparently THEY think we do!

Could this be part of the vast tracts (10 million acres) of Maine land rezoned by Governor LePage for economic development? Could this also be part of the huge tracts of land being purchased (over 900,000 acres) by a company called BBC Land LLC with ties to billionare John Malone (from Colorado), chairman of Liberty Media from GMO? There are a few other companies who have purchased huge tracts of Maine land as well. This should make us nervous and in light of this FTZ plan, a land deal involving nearly a million acres should do more than raise eyebrows. In fact, ANY big purchase (either personal, company or governmental) or set asides by the Maine government should be met with skeptisism! Are you listening Governor LePage?

Here are the names of the individuals and corporations who are to be responsible here in Maine for implementing this usurpation of our state sovereignty yet again by our federal government:

MAINE FTZ No. 58 Bangor
Grantee: City of Bangor
73 Harlow Street, Bangor, ME 04401
Stephen A. Bolduc (207) 735-4059
Fax: (207) 945-4447
  FTZ No. 179 Madawaska
Grantee: Madawaska Foreign Trade Zone Corporation
Operator: Evergreen Trading Co. LLC
791 Main Street, Madawaska, ME 04756
Clifford Cyr (207) 728-3660
Fax (207) 728-6370
179A Northern Trading Company Madawaska
  FTZ No. 186 Waterville
Grantee: Maine International Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc.
P.O. Box 2611, Waterville, ME 04901
John Nale, Esq. (207) 873-4304
Fax (207) 873-1122
  FTZ No. 263 Auburn
Grantee: Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council, 415 Lisbon Street, Suite 400, Lewiston, ME 04240
George M. Dycio (207) 784-0161
Fax (207) 786-4412

(Thanks Pam for the email on this!)

Don’t Waste Time To Fix the Corporate Government

Why? I have found the best explanation of this by Michael-Donald from Assemblies Union Post and I couldn’t have said it any better myself! (Please note the bottom paragraph in white). Here it is:

Martial Law was declared by Lincoln April 24th, 1863 by General Order number 100. Under martial law authority Congress and the President implemented continuous martial law by ordering the states (people) to either conscribe troops or provide money in support of the federalist North or be recognized as enemies of the nation; this condition is still in effect.

The agenda of the North was to invert federalism. To do this they had to get the Southern States (anti-federalist and States rights advocates) to secede in order to fail to make a quorum and adjourn sine die (without a day, Ltn.); thereby, vacating the de jure Constitutional government. This left no civilian government in place and created the need for military enforcement in lieu.

The conscription act is the foundation of Presidential Executive Orders authority. It was enhanced in 1917 by the Trading with the Enemy Act (Public Law 65-91, 65th Congress, Session1, Chapters 105, 106, October 6, 1917), and further enhanced in 1933 with the Emergency War Powers Act, ratified almost every year by Congress. Together these acts address the people of the United States as the enemy, not the sovereigns of the United States of America. These “people” are 14th amendment citizens.

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a “municipal corporation” to govern the District. If one considers the fact that the municipal government was actually incorporated in 1808, an “organic act” (original) using the phrase “municipal corporation” in 1871 can only refer to a private corporation owned by the municipality—U.S. Corp, if you will. It trademarked the name, “United States Government” referring to it, or themselves. This act placed Congress in control as a Board of Directors of the corporation whose purpose is to act as a governing body over the municipality. This facilitated directing business under martial law and permitted corporate abilities where the Constitution prohibited such activity. Congress could then pass any law to apply jurisdictionally within the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.

Next, this act called for the adoption (taking ownership of something that does not belong to the taker) of a constitution (U.S. Corp’s) curiously identical the Constitution of the United States of America less the original 13th amendment (titles of nobility); then renumbering the 14th, 15th and 16th as 13, 14, and 15 respectively. Now attorneys could run “government” since they were prohibited under the original 13th amendment, how convenient! Notice how under corporate rules policy is simply dictated, not ratified.

Debts through bonds were generated. These became due the banking cartel as holders in 1912, but could not be paid. The cartel accepted all the assets of U.S. Corp and the assets of the Treasury of the United States of America as payment.

In 1913 U.S. Corp had no operating capital for their “government.” It approached the cartel for money, but the cartel denied the request based upon its inability to pay. By design the cartel created a private corporation named, Federal Reserve Bank; which is not federal, has no reserves and is not a bank. U.S. Corp contracted to transact business via notes rather than real money.

Note: This bilateral contract is between two private corporations with no relationship to government.

Simultaneously, (1913) U.S. Corp. adopts (implements a corporate policy) its own 16th amendment. Of course, the States had not ratified the new 16th amendment; therefore, it does not apply to the men and women of the Republic or the organic Constitution. In fact, the supreme court ruled did not expand powers to tax, but simply clarified the right of U.S. Corp. to tax corporations and employees of U.S. Corp (Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co., 240 U.S. 1 (1916).

Next (1913) a new 17th amendment allowing senators to be elected by the people was “ratified.” From 1787 until 1913, the Constitution of the United States of America specified that state legislatures would elect U.S. senators. Article 1, Section 3, reads:

The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.
In giving the elective power to the states, the framers of the Constitution hoped to protect state independence. The framers were suspicious of majority rule and sought to restrain what they regarded as the potentially destructive forces of democracy. Thus, while providing for direct election to the House of Representatives, they countered this expression of the people’s will by allowing legislatures to select members of the Senate. At the Constitutional Convention, the proposal for state election of senators aroused no controversy. Only one proposal for senatorial election by popular vote was offered, and it was soundly defeated. The states were receptive and did not protest when the Constitution was sent to them for ratification. Nor, over the next decades, did the system incur more than occasional criticism.

In 1914 The de jure seats of the Senators were left vacant as the De facto seats were occupied. Neither the State legislatures nor governors elected Senators as prescribed by the organic Constitution.

In 1916 Woodrow Wilson was reelected by an Electoral College that was not confirmed by a constitutionally set Senate. The only confirmation was a corporate one; therefore, Wilson was not confirmed into office as President of the United States of America, but instead was confirmed as U.S. Corp’s president.
At which point U.S. Corp served in lieu of the original jurisdiction as it was vacated by virtue of the fact that the people had no opportunity to elect any de jure governmental officers.
Note: Wilson retained the title Commander-in-Chief as it is not bound to the Presidency. As demonstrated by Adam’s appointment of Washington as Commander-in-Chief.

The Trading with the Enemies Act was passed in 1917 as WWI commences.

Around 1935 Americans engaged in a relationship with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The purpose is to generate funds for the General Trust Fund. The SSA creates an entity with a name that sounds like one’s own name, except it is written in the Roman/Military form of all Capital letters. It is associated with an account number (SS#). SSA gives everyone a card that does not belong to them. They are to hold it and endorse it, thus giving it consciousness and physical reality (v. fictional capacity). This acceptance makes one a fiduciary (trustee capacity) for the cards actual owner. Now the holder of the card is in a trust—oops!

The Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 arranged for the International Monetary Fund (a foreign corporation) to quit claim U.S. Corp.

In 1962 The organic and State Constitutions forbid operating in business with foreign currency (federal reserve notes) so they became sub-corporations of U.S. Corp.; again identified as the STATE OF X in all capital letters. Immediately they began adopting U.S. Corp uniform codes and licensing to exercise control of the people—not permitted under the organic Constitution. Government only governed itself and corporations. People were self-governed; such is the nature of the Constitutional Republic.

BY 1971 every State in the union of States had formed private corporate STATES and constitutionally seated government officers were no longer elected on the state level as well.

Note: When speaking of these entities (fictions) understand they are private foreign corporations, not your government. It is not yours so do not waste time fixing “government”; simply repopulate the original jurisdiction Republic on which you stand. This is why we assemble; this is why we convened our delegates.
When the Republic is reseated demands may be made on these foreign corporations to pay back the money they stole. They will not be able to do so; which is the leverage they wish to avoid.
Our conduct must be as that of the sovereign that the Father created in His image. It is time to follow truth, repent and become moral and honorable men and women.
This is a spiritual battle that cannot be won with conventional methods or dropping out of the system and staying under the radar. Sovereigns must unite under the King of kings with truth to lawfully and peacefully repopulate the Republic.

Our Patriotic Charge

Excerpts from Upshur on the Federal Government, 1868
Reprinted by St. Thomas Press, Houston
Compiled by michael-donald

It is truly and wisely remarked by the Federalist, that “a power over a man’s subsistence is a power over his will.” As little as possible of this power should be entrusted to the Federal Government, and even that little should be watched by a power authorized and competent to arrest its abuses.

That power can be found only in the States.

In this consists the great superiority of the federative system over every other. In that system, the Federal Government is responsible, not directly to the people en masse, but to the people in their character of distinct political corporations. However easy it may be to steal power from the people, governments do not so readily yield to one another.

Under a federative system, the people are not liable to be acted on…by those influences which are so apt to betray and enslave them, under a consolidated government.

The right of interposition belongs, not to the people in the aggregate, but to the people in separate and comparatively small subdivisions. And even in these subdivisions, they can act only through the forms of their own separate governments.

These are necessarily slow and deliberate, affording time for excitement to subside, and for passion to cool. Having to pass through their own governments, before they reach that of the United States, they are forbidden to act until they have had time for reflection, and for the exercise of a cool and temperate judgment. Besides, they are taught to look, not to one government only, for the protection and security of their rights, and not to feel that they owe obedience only to that. Conscious that they can find, in their own State governments, protection against the wrongs of the Federal Government, their feeling of dependence is less oppressive, and their judgments more free. And while their efforts to throw off oppression are not repressed by a feeling that there is no power to which they can appeal, these efforts are kept under due restraints, by a consciousness that they cannot be unwisely exerted, except to the injury of the people themselves. It is difficult to perceive how a Federal Government, established on correct principles, can ever be overthrown, except by external violence, so long as the federative principle is duly respected and maintained. All the requisite checks and balances will be found, in the right of the States to keep their common government within their common sphere; and a sufficient security for the due exercise of that right is afforded by the fact, that it is the interest of the States to exercise it discreetly.

Our character is not homogeneous, and our pursuits are wholly different. Rightly understood, these facts should tend to bind us the more closely together, by showing us our dependence upon each other; and it should teach us the necessity of watching, with the greater jealousy, every departure from the strict principles of our union.

It is a truth, however, no less melancholy than incontestable, that if this ever was the view of the people, it has ceased to be so. And it could not be otherwise.

So far as our own government is concerned, I venture to predict that it will become absolute and irresponsible, precisely in proportion as the rights of the States shall cease to be respected, and their authority to interpose for the correction of federal abuses shall be denied and overthrown.

(My note: he was unfortunately dead right!)

It should be the object of every patriot in the United States to encourage a high respect for the State governments. The people should be taught to regard them as their greatest interest, and as the first objects of their duty and affection. Maintained in their just rights and powers, they form the true balance-wheel, the only effectual check on federal encroachments.

As [the] Constitution was formed by sovereign States, they alone are authorized, whenever the question arises between them and their common government, to determine, in the last resort, what powers they intended to confer on it. This is an inseparable incident of sovereignty; a right which belongs to the States, simply because they have never surrendered it to any other power. But to render this right available for any good purpose, it is indispensably necessary to maintain the States in their proper position.

If their people suffer them to sink into the insignificance of mere municipal corporations, it will be in vain to invoke their protection against the gigantic power of the Federal Government.

This is the point to which the vigilance of the people should be chiefly directed. Their highest interest is at home; their palladium is their own State governments. They ought to know that they can look nowhere else with perfect assurance of safety and protection. Let them then maintain those governments, not only in their rights, but in their dignity and influence. Make it the interest of their people to serve them; an interest strong enough to resist all the temptations of federal office and patronage. Then alone will their voice be heard with respect at Washington; then alone will their interposition avail to protect their own people against the usurpations of the great central power.

A Message for President Obama

1st Amendment Rally was SUCCESSFUL!

In Dover, NH at the Rochester Family Division court yesterday, members of the Oath Keepers including their founder, Stewart Rhodes, peacefully gathered outside of the court in protest of the seizure of Johnathon Irish and Stephanie Janvrin’s newborn baby girl just 16 hours after her birth at Concord hospital. One of the several allegations given by DHS (Division of Human Services) in an affidavit to the court was that the Division

“became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the Oath Keepers and he owned a rifle, a gun and a taser.”

OK founder Stewart Rhodes wrote:

“Regardless of the other allegations, it is utterly unconstitutional for government agencies to list Mr. Irish’s association with Oath Keepers in an affidavit in support of a child abuse order to remove his daughter from his custody. Talk about chilling speech! If this is allowed to continue, it will chill the speech of not just Mr. Irish, but all Oath Keepers and it will serve as the camel under the tent for other associations being considered too risky for parents to dare. Thus, it serves to chill the speech of all of us, in any group we belong to that “officials” may not approve of. Don’t you dare associate with such and such group, or you could be on “the list” and then child protective services might come take your kids.”

The Oath Keepers is NOT a militia but are a peaceful, non-violent group made up of current and former military and law enforcement professionals dedicated to keeping the oath they gave to enter the service of their choice in which they swore to uphold, defend and protect the constitution of the United States of America! Stewart Rhodes also stated:

“Oath Keepers will actively pursue aggressive legal remedy and redress. We will assist in locating competent local legal counsel in New Hampshire and additional expert legal counsel from around the country in First Amendment and child custody law. There can be no freedom of speech, no freedom of association, no freedom to even open your mouth and speak truth to power, no freedom AT ALL, if your children can be black bagged and stolen from you because of your political speech and associations — because you simply dare to express your love of country, and dare to express your solidarity and fellowship with other citizens and with active duty and retired military and police who simply pledge to honor their oath and obey the Constitution. It was to prevent just such outrageous content based persecution of political dissidents that our First Amendment was written.”

It is outrageous that a court would even consider agreeing to an American’s 1st (right to free speech in joining whatever political associations they choose) and 2nd Amendent (right to bear arms) rights to be considered as a reason to remove their child/ren from their care!

Well due to the media coverage and the efforts of the Oath Keepers organization and the many patriots who showed up for the rally from all over the country, the baby was returned to the parents last night, after 6 days in the state’s custody! The American people showed up in force, peacefully assembled with signs and flags and showed the court and the authorities that we are no longer going to idly stand by and allow them to tread on and erode our constitutional rights…. and they LISTENED!
I’m so very glad to have attended the rally and that the parents were able to get their baby returned!

GOD BLESS AMERICA and her patriots…. LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!

Graphic by Debby Reagan

Oath Keepers

I have recently come across an excellent web site thanks to my friend, Dottie. This site is called, the Oath Keepers. I’m very impressed by this site and encourage all patriots to at least visit and read this site!

Here is their introduction:

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers Main Banner

“Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution. Our motto is “Not on our watch!””

Which One is the US Flag?

Which flag above is the the flag of the USA?

If you said both, you’d be correct!

The one we are so familiar with, the one on the left, is our military flag for military affairs only. The one on the right is our civil flag!

Where did this silly notion come from you might ask? Well for staters, (as Richard McDonald wrote on his site called Hornswoggled) in Nathan Hawthorn’s book The Scarlet Letter the introduction, titled “The Custom House,” includes this description:

From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military post of Uncle Sam’s government, is here established.

Also, on June 14th, 1777, Congress directed that a U.S. flag consist of 13 stripes, alternating red and white; that a union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation. Through usage, horizontal stripes were adopted for use over military posts and vertical stripes adopted for use over civilian posts like customs houses. Many civilian people who were rich enough to afford the civil flag took to flying them at their personal homes. (Info taken from the American Patriot Network).

Some historians believe that the Federal government, disbanded the civilian governments in each state and replaced them with military governments after the Civil War thus discontinuing the civil flag to show it’s power over the states.  This then put the military flag we call Old Glory as the sole flag emblem representing the people of the United States, united under military/admiralty law. Great way to take away our sovereignty, eh?

As for me, I’m going to find a civil flag to fly on my flag pole and announce to one and all, that I’m a sovereign woman on the land and that common law, not military law, rules over me!

Guardians of the Republic

There is a peaceful retaking of America by its sovereign people afoot and I think it’s about time! A 21st century revolution that is LONG overdue. You can be a part of it by visiting the American Dream Preservation site and support the rightful restoration of our country to its people.