Could Someone Please Explain…

There are just so many things out there that just don’t make sense, so I’m adding a catergory called, Could Someone Please Explain…. and then putting here things that to me, just doesn’t make sense and needs explanation. Here is my first one:

Could someone please explain to me, how we are wasting water if after the water we use goes down the drain to a sewage pipe system that leads to a sewage plant that then filters the water and then puts the water back into the town/city water system? Or, if you’re in the country, it goes to your septic tank which filters it and puts it back into the earth for mother nature to refresh it and puts it back into the water table.
These commercials saying to conserve water because we waste it just doesn’t make sense when in truth, we really recycle this water!


  1. Morag Cumming Said:

    I’ve wondered about this and it’s not that easy to find an answer. I think it’s the cost of treatment that is part of the problem and that leaking pipes etc mean that the wasted water isn’t easily accessible again, but beyond that I haven’t a clue. If you get a proper answer I’d be very interested!

    • Debby Reagan Said:

      I don’t think the cost is it as we all pay well for both the use of the water in our water bill and then again the cleaning/treatment of that water in our sewage bill. These costs also cover the use & maintenance of the pipe works. Plus, I think part of our taxes we pay to the town/city covers some of the upkeep of the piping system (not completely sure on this though).
      So, between mother nature with the water table & rains helping with our reserves and the fact that most of what we use getting recycled, I don’t see where the waste is.
      I don’t have a proper answer either Morag. 😦

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