The Rise of FEMA – Full Length

Have you ever….
Wondered WHY the bailout happened for the banks?
Wondered WHY sometimes it seems that the Congress is nothing more than “puppets on strings” for the President?
Wondered why our government is just a stage of players and actors who seem to be answering to others beyond and instead of to us, the American people?
Then you need to watch the following video.


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  1. Dottie Said:

    I wonder why Maine representatives refuse to take care of issues affecting the lives of families in Maine. For decades our reps have contributed to the demise of this state and its people. I wonder why they don’t even have common sense! Our state is in the shape it’s in because of incompetent people sitting in the legislature being led by the “fixtures” who have been there for decades and “don’t want to get involved.” Down the road – when, or if – they wake up, they will only have themselves to blame! Let them get a taste of their own “leadership!”

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